Winter Style Guide

style guide

Hiya guys, I promised to do a guide on how to stay super stylish this winter and it is finally here! We do tend to dress warm without considering how we look which can be as a result of the dreary weather. It really isn’t inspiring to be honest but if you let it get a hold of you, you’ll be in a ‘dreary’ mood too. So the sooner you spice up your wardrobe, the better! Enjoy



1. Jacket/Coat

There are many shapes, silhouettes, colours and textures of coats to select from. Also, it depends on how cold it is. You should have two or more coats to alternate regularly, as this will help you not to get bored of them and really different dress styles call for different jackets/coats. You will want to have casual ones and corporate ones ranging from a duster coat, leather jacket etc to a cape coat, tailored coat and so on. Basic colours to have are black and tan. Grey is very much in this season, you could have that too. Zara do an amazing selection of coats.


2. Boots

Your boots must be comfortable and warm! Avoid buying cheap boots as they are more often than not, uncomfortable and do not keep warm. Boots with a definite shape and abit of a noise are usually much smarter. When buying boots, I always check what materials it is made of and rumour has it that leather keeps you warm. There are many lengths and types of boots such as knee highs, over the knee, chelsea, ankle and so on. My personal favourite: Chelsea boots. Colours: Black, brown and burgundy.


3. Jumpers

If you know me, you know I am all for turtle necks! Turtle necks are super smart and flattering. Crew necks, cowl necks, V-necks are nice as well but it all depends on your preferences. I would advice having these in every colour possible but of course neutrals first (black, white/cream, tan,grey). Marks and Spencers have my heart when it comes to turtle necks, they are durable, comfortable, soft, very warm and reasonably priced.


4. Scarf

Your scarf is like your identity, your personality. Your scarf has got to be cool! Lol. Silk, knit, fur?


5. Hosiery

Socks, tights etc. Nude tights are always nice for a dress especially when you want your legs to look natural. Boots do good nude tights.


6. Layering

Layering is the key way to keep warm and hence you want to be stylish about it.


7. Leather!!

Leather/Faux Leather, Suede/Faux Suede are super in right now. Leather is basically water and ‘air’ proof, when it is windy, air does not penetrate through leather and hence it keeps you warm.


8. Hats

Smart, casual or flirty?


9. Capes, Ponchos and Blankets

Super stylish this season! Not very warm I must say but it does look good worn over a leather jacket.


10. Makeup

Dark lips. Dark eyes. Dark nails.



Let me know what you think! x