Trend: Faux Fur


Hello hello me darlings! Before I go ahead to speak about faux fur, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway and I wish you better luck next time. So faux fur is always a winter favourite but its never really been my thing as I feel like there is a thin line between it being glamorous and trashy if you know what I mean. Some people just take it over the top literally looking like human polar bears or something, whereas some make you want to buy a faux fur hat or stole instantly. My favourite item right now is the stole, oh my days! Since I got one, I’ve worn it everyday. The way it adds an instant glam to any outfit beats me! Another item I particularly love is the headband, its very feminine and of course glamorous especially in pastels or light grey, ivory etc. I would advice investing in faux fur this winter if you want to stay ahead of the trends plus I could almost call it timeless too or nahh?

P.S. When choosing a fur item/accessory, select one that contrasts your skin tone nicely and avoid heavy accessorizing




Let me know what you think! x