Delevingne | Dunn


Hiya, today I want to Share with you some of Cara Delevingne’s photos from the Topshop campaign as she is the Face of Topshop! Cara has also been the face of top brands including Mulberry, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent(alongside BFF Jourdan Dunn), DKNY etc. This post is coming quite late, I know, considering how much I loooooooveee Cara Delevingne! I mean, how could you not? No one understands why I love the girl so much(started to get creepy when I had her all over my sketchbooks last year), even I don’t know why I love her so much lol. She is so full of energy and spirit, a fabulous model at that and can pull off any look plus, don’t get me started on her eyebrows! I love everything about her including her BFF Jourdan Dunn.

 Jourdan Dunn has recently landed the front page of British Vogue. She is the first black cover girl British Vogue has had in the past 13 years! In this edition of Vogue, Jourdan talks about balancing her career and caring for her son(who has sickle cell anemia), her past and challenges.











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