Baker’s Delight


Hello darlings! First I’d like to say thank you all for all the kind words and well wishes this weekend.. I’m truly overwhelmed by the love and support you show me. Thank you so much! For those that don’t know, I graduated on friday and it was everything and more that I wanted it to be. I’m going to do a separate blog post this week talking about my experience with switching disciplines, challenges and how I overcame them etc. as well as graduation and of course my outfit!

So about today’s outfit, I have quite an interesting story to tell you about these boots. I’ve been searching for the perfect boots for a wee while now; smart but quite dressy. I almost went for a pair of Navy knee highs at Clarks (which I’d still get because they were gorge, warm and comfy.. Sounds impossible innit?), however, I decided to have a look at Office shoes because they were having a 20% off everything sale. I literally spotted these boots from the entrance and went straight to them and guess what? they were on sale! I was so sure they were meant to be mine and within budget until the manager told me they were £85. Oh Gad, I was like noooo! Then I started to negotiate with the manager because they are from the Ted Baker and Office shoes collabo which was about 2-3 years ago. Having worked in retail, I knew the boots must be really unwanted in the stockroom (being the last pair) and I used that to make my point. He gave me 20% off the sale price which was still about £68 and then I negotiated and did my best puppy face and then scored these babies for £60! Who would have thought? lol.

Moving on to the rest of the outfit, I loooooove this rust cape! Honestly, its three trends in one and I think thats what I love the most about it. Its very elegant and ooh that fringing!




Cape: Miss Selfridge | Jeans: Topshop | Turtle Neck: Stradivarius | Boots: Ted Baker | Lipstick: MAC Velvet Teddy

Photos: Oswin Peter

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dleonalife says:

    I stopped in my tracks when I saw this picture of you. I love love the cape. Such a fresh look. And congratulations once more, waiting for the story.


    1. Alex says:

      Thanks a lot hunnay!!xx


  2. Lynda Okoli says:

    This outfit has my name written all over it! I love it so much, the Cape and boots are EVERYTHING! congratulations on your graduation i


    1. Alex says:

      Thank you so much!x


  3. kanwulia says:

    Gorgeous as usual! Oh and congratulations on your graduation hun xx


    1. Alex says:

      Thank you dear!xx


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