Windblown in WanniFuga

Hey guys! Its almost friday..yaay! I hope you’re all good but more importantly what are you wearing this weekend?? 

Today I’m sharing with you this WanniFuga jumpsuit that I really believe in, I would typically wear this for a night out and maybe, just maybe a wedding. I especially love how its a classy, covered look with a shot of edge and sexiness. I’m really feeling myself in this shoot as you have probably noticed but that’s not a bad thing right? Lol ok seriously, this jumpsuit is so flattering it’s unreal and also comes in a lovely cobalt shade too. Wanni brought me this jumpsuit the day before I left Lagos to style (Jan 7th) lol and I’m just here giving a public apology because its taken me so long to shoot this outfit but it was really just too cold. I hope it was worth the wait? I think it was.. Do you?




Jumpsuit: WanniFuga | Sandals: Missguided | Purse: River Island | Lipstick: Ciate Swoon

Photos: Iyin Akinkugbe

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the color of the jumpsuit and the way you paired it with a white sandal… Really nice!

    lydiaschronicle.wordpress. com


  2. Jenny Cole says:

    Oh wow! I love this look- the jumpsuit colour, the deep V neckline plus that neck-piece.


  3. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    I really love this and hey you are hot so no qualms about feeling yourself biko. The neckline is really flattering and you rocked it well.


  4. iembergavar says:

    Hot stuff! I’m such a sucker for jumpsuits 😉 I would totally rock this to a wedding. All that ‘gele’ life isn’t for me. lol


  5. Wani has beautiful pieces and that color really does flatter your skin tone and oh I love the styling


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