Top 5 Trends to Get Into This Summer

Hi lovelies! I trust you are well.. A pretty unusual post from me today as I’ll be talking about the biggest and hottest trends to hop on this summer. If you’re looking to stay trendy and on top of your game this summer (which doesn’t appear to be coming soon lol), this post is for you!

  1. The Bardot Neckline/ The Cold Shoulder: But I bet you all knew this would be at the top of my list? I’ve always been about this neckline but now that its in, makes me even happier. It has gone from the regular bardot jersey top to different forms, from crops to playsuits. This look is very feminine, sexy and flattering. The best part about it? It suits 95% (rough estimate I just made up) of body shapes and has the same flattering effect. I find that the three-quarter to long sleeve ones suit me more especially with exaggerated sleeves as this makes my waist appear slimmer and that’s always a plus 😉

2. Embellished Sunnies: Now now, I’m not just talking about this because I’m launching my line of handcrafted sunnies in a bit. I also have to add that these are certainly not for everyone but I love a pair of dramatic sunglasses. I personally believe it oozes confidence and fabulousity (if I do say so myself). Pair these with one-piece swimsuits, off shoulder anything, bodysuits and let your sunnies do all the talking. These are all from my range by the way
3. Lace-ups: Lace up shoes have been in for about a year now but are now coming up in different forms. I really love the mini block heel ones that seem to be the rave this summer and need to get myself a pair asap. Asides shoes, lace tops and dresses have also become a thing, a very sexy thing! Personally, I don’t know how people organise their boobs in those but if you guys have any secrets please share!
Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 13.35.47

Source: Asos

4. Nocturnal: This trend is everything right now and its about wearing lingerie-inspired clothing during the day. Silks, laces and satins give a certain delicate, sexy vibe I really love. Cami tops and bralettes are probably the most common features of this trend, pair these with a leather jacket and highwaisted jeans for a full on babe look.


Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 13.35.37.png

Source: Asos

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 13.36.20

Source: Zara

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Source: Zara

5. Blushing Nudes: If I could wear only blush, nude and white for the rest of my life I would (except that I feel this way about many other colours lol). These colours flatter every single skin tone! I personally love to pair this look with nude lips but for a night out, red lips which creates a nice contrast.



There are definitely so many other trends popping up by the day but while the weather is still a wee bit dodgy, I’d say these are the key ones for now. I’d be giving you an updated list soon.





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