Just Hype

Hi lovelies, some unusual midweek goodness for you this week! Hype clothing sent me some goodies and I really just couldn’t wait to wear them and share with you guys. Well, I did give you a sneak peek on my Instagram with
the Hype slides but I’ve decided to switch up the look a bit with my fave sandals.

Now now, I don’t usually wear joggers but these are hands down the best joggers ever for two reasons; 1. They are high waisted and hence flattering and 2. They feel absolutely amazing! Also, if you’re a backpack lover like me, you would have a ball on the Just Hype website as you will be spoilt for choice! Check it out on Hype and they are also available on Asos .




Top: Hype | Joggers: Hype | Backpack: Hype | Shoes: Missguided

Photos: Oswin Peter

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    Ohhhh I love! Athleisure looking so good on you mama. I think it looks really nice with the sandals too.


    1. Alex says:

      Thanks sweetie!xx


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