Silk, Lace and Tassels

Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re well? I’ve been in such a good mood all week which may have to do with the positive vibes I infused into this week (from my last post) but mostly because of the divine favour i have been experiencing every second. I’m physically tired as I didn’t have much rest last night but mentally on fire *does mini twirl*

OK! Today’s outfit is a fab bodysuit from Ann Summers. From the box of goodies, this was the first one i was fixated on, the trimmings are so very pretty and immediately I thought how amazing it would be with my AS Eyewear! I was initially going to wear it with my regular high waisted jeans as I did to the Skinny Dip x Coca Cola Launch party a few weeks ago (you may have seen this on my instastory) but it was just so basic as was a midi pencil skirt. Basically, I popped into the Topshop on my high street and spotted this slip skirt and my God! What a bargain?? It’s 100% silk and was retailing for £72 but I bought it for £3… I know right?! I thought about how perfect it was for this whole nightwear/boudoir trend, paired it with some lace ups and I hope you like it .




Bodysuit: Ann Summers | Skirt: Topshop Boutique | Shoes: Quanticlo | Sunnies: @as_eyewear | Purse: Quiz

Photos: Katy Dyomina

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  1. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    Did you change your layout? I love this new one! I can see all the pictures better now. That skirt is so beautiful and your shoes ehn! If I ever meet you, I’m so raiding your wardrobe LOL. I am so glad you paired the bodysuit with this skirt & not the other pieces, it makes it stand out.


    1. Alex says:

      LOOL. I did change my layout! I’d been trying to get the images to appear bigger for ages and finally figured it out. Thanks sweetcheeks xxx


  2. Tuke says:

    £3, Wow!!! Wonderful!!!
    Love the Look 🙂

    www. tukesquest. com


    1. Alex says:

      I know?! Thanks lovely! xx


  3. Anuli says:

    Wow. That discount is crazy. Absolutely love your outfit. Also, is the AS eyewear in Nigeria?


    1. Alex says:

      YES to crazy discounts! You can pre-order AS Eyewear by sending me a DM/Email and I’ll get it across to you xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Anuli says:

    Okay, will do that


  5. Wow, you look gorgeous in that outfit. Will you be able to wear that in the cold weather though?


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