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Happy New Year Darlings! Its the first post of 2017 and I am excited for what the year holds.

I haven’t indulged in the end of season sales for at least two years but some of them were just too good to pass on. Today’s outfit is as a result of my mini splurge over the holiday. As you know, I’ve been loving ruffles but this blouse had everything I believe in in one. Pussy bow, chiffon, velvet trim, ruffles and a pretty print! How could I pass on that? And for £12?! No way.  I’ve also been after the perfect mom jeans for as long as I can remember but due to the fact that they don’t stretch, I can never quite get ones that are my waist size to go past my hips (the perils of having a tiny waist). I got these in a size 8 rather than 6 from HM and although they are massive around the waist, they fit perfectly everywhere else. So for anyone that might have the same issue, just go a size up and use a thick belt to cinch it to perfection.

I’ve accessorised with black ankle boots and a floppy hat. This quilted ChanelBoy-looking bag adds a playfulness to the look which I quite like, it was definitely my favourite purchase of the year. I hope you like this look and have a blessed week



Photography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by

Top: Marks & Spencer | Jeans: HM similar | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins love these | Hat: HM similar

Photos: Jamie Adeogunwoye

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    OK I’ve never thought about wearing my mom jeans like this, I looovvvveee it! Definitely trying it out!


  2. Mysranne says:

    Tostos is getting into floral prints or is it just me…


  3. Kllau says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! 😀 You are such a bae!!!
    Big kiss love!!


  4. Golden says:

    Super chic.. Loving everything here..


  5. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    I’m just here wondering why I haven’t gotten blue mom jeans, I only have black. This outfit has so many looks to it that I think I might just adopt it as my go-to outfit of the year (without the boots though LOL). Floral prints definitely look good one you.


  6. feleciamonique88 says:

    Love this look!! Especially the bag and the hat!!


  7. tommisynn says:

    I saw this and immediately I started looking out for anywhere I could get momma jeans…#BEAUTIFUL FLORAL SHIRT..


  8. Tuke says:

    Love the Look.
    The top half is giving me cowgirl/victorian era vibes while the bottom half is giving me biker chic vibes.
    Nice to see you in jeans, I feel like you tend to post more outfits in dresses

    Tuke’s Quest


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