Gold Dust

Hi lovelies! This is the last of the looks shot at the gorgeous Adria Boutique Hotel and I’m excited for more spring-y looks to come. I’ve had quite a bleh week where everything just literally felt bleh. I felt like everything I tried to do wasn’t going as I wanted and I ended up whinging, ranting and complaining everyday to anyone who cared to listen. However, in mass this morning, I was just reflecting on how crappy I felt this week when God reminded me of something very significant he did for me earlier in the week. I mean?! How could i forget such a thing? I’d been so overwhelmed by the things that weren’t working out that I forgot the ones that did. I hadn’t felt like things weren’t working out for a very long time and the last couple of months have been amazing but all that didn’t seem to matter anymore. I guess what i’m trying to say is, its very easy to slip into that space of discontent and ungratefulness. Sometimes, when we are having a tough day/period, we just need to take a step back and count our blessings as the song goes- naming them one by one. For anyone having a tough time, I hope this helps you realise that you’re more blessed than not.

Have a blessed Sunday



Photography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by

Dress: Rose Blossom Bridal (@roseblossombridal) | Purse: Jumia Fashion

Photos: Jamie Adeogunwoye



  1. Annabel
    April 23, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Heyyyy tostos 🙂 I would start by saying how amazing your style is and I love love love your outfits. I love your post and it speaks directly to what I have been going through in my life. Things have been really rocky and sometimes I get into depression mode. Reading this post just made me realize that I don’t thank God enough for the things he has done for me. I keep complaining about how things are not working well for me. Thank you for this post and have a great Sunday….. xoxo

  2. Goldie Anny
    April 23, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    My addiction with Gold 😍👌. This is beautiful Alex ✨

  3. April 28, 2017 / 11:27 pm

    Oh Tosin, this oufit is so beautiful and timeless. I love it!!
    I really needed these words here too because I have been in this phase of ungratefulness for a bit.
    Thanks for the reminder about God’s graciousness!

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