Hi lovelies! Thank you so much for all the love on my previous post.. You are amazing! Do you ever have one of those days where you count your losses more than your blessings? That was me yesterday and how unfortunate it was to start the week on a proper low note. I’ve always been a planner and it doesn’t sit well with me when I’ve planned something a certain way in my head and it doesn’t work out exactly that way. I mean, if you’d told me I wouldn’t have everything figured out by the time I was 24, I would have laughed in your face for 24 hours straight. No joke.

Photography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by

Yesterday morning, I literally sent a message to my BFF listing everything that was ‘wrong’ with my life. She replied me counteracting every single bullet point (yes I sent bullet points because I do the most) with a positive view and perspective. As silly as it seems, all the good things that I did have didn’t seem to matter anymore and I realised how easy it is to slip into that space of negativity. It’s so very important to stay positive (although easier said than done) and I thought I’d share with you something a dear friend shared with me recently. Every morning, she lists 5 things she’s grateful for before stepping out of bed and I think that can quite easily determine the course of your day. I hope this blesses someone πŸ™‚ Now! Enough ranting about me and lets talk about this outfit.

Photography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by

Today’s look is an easy, floaty slay featuring a cropped cape blouse and flared tailored trousers. I’m not one for an all black ensemble, I’d rather white to contrast nicely against my skin but this look is an exception. The sheer, floaty nature of the blouse gives off an elegant vibe, creating tones of black which of course makes it look less stark. I’ve accessorised with gold jewellery and an embellished purse making this look appropriate for a nice evening out.

I hope you like it



Photography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by www.jjamiephotography.comPhotography by

Top: Asos (Old) | Trousers: Wana Sambo | Bag: Accessorize

Photos: Jamie Adeogunwoye

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Goldie Anny says:

    Shine on twin πŸ–€βœ¨


  2. Mima Mahmood says:

    Literally love your style! You’re so chic , so elegant and you are such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to others! I’m an amateur blogger and love all your content !


  3. Ope Awosanya says:



  4. Meilifisayo says:

    I had one of those days yesterday but I just had to snap out of it asap. You look stunning as well.


  5. Ufuoma says:

    It’s so easy to sometimes forget all the things that are working fine and throw ourselves a pity party. Glad your friend was able to remind you that you are doing just fine.
    + I love the fit.


  6. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    I can totally relate with dwelling on the negatives, in fact that is exactly what I am discussing with my bf right now and he is trying to cheer me up. I would definitely try to focus more on the positives although it can be quite hard because I always want everything planned out, I feel like I have under-achieved at my age (I’m not even old ooo). Although I prefer seeing you in white, this black makes you look really sleek and I can see myself rocking this for a night out.


  7. mjjunior7 says:

    Love this look! Them Wana Sambo pants are fire too!


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