Alta Moda 1: A Cinderella Story

Hi lovelies! Its literally been the longest time and in between, I went home-home to Lagos to spend time with my family which was absolutely amazing! Whilst out there, I collaborated with male fashion blogger, Akin Faminu to bring you Alta Moda. Set amongst iconic and ornate interiors, the photoshoot is an ode to romance that stands the test of time, and definitely in style. The scenes depict opulence just as much as the outfits express class, and the styling emphasis is placed on timelessness.

I hope you like it!



Models: Akin Faminu | @akinfaminu & Tosin Sho-Silva | @tostos_
Dresses: Rose Blossom Bridal | @roseblossombridal
Makeup: Dutch signatures | @dutchsignatures
Blue suit: ILI | @iliofficial
Accessories: Jumia | @jumiafashion
Photography: Mide Wey | @mide_wey
Photography assistant: Tolu Emmy | @tolu_emmy
Art direction: Saffy | @saffysu

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Atinuke says:

    This is so beautiful. Who ever invented the idea of white gowns just for weddings? I can totally wear this for my wedding. Love how the gown complements the suit. And you are beautiful!


  2. Stariiee says:

    Ahh!! You’re so gorgeous Tos!! 😍😍😍😍 I’m in love with this shoot, you both look amazing!!


  3. Opeyemi says:

    This is beautiful 😍


  4. Goldie Anny says:

    I am in loooooovvveeee. Blue dress for the wedding is a YES. Y’all looked amazing Alex. 💙✨


  5. Omolade says:

    These photos are fayahhh. Gadem!


  6. Feyikoya says:

    Aww super cute! Love ittt!


  7. Omg this post is filled with creativity. Well done girl ❤️


  8. Mojisola says:



  9. mayowasemire says:

    This is everything! You guys look absolutely stunning!!!!


  10. Snooty Judy says:

    OMG thisis beautiful


  11. Desire Uba says:

    Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
    The colours, the set, the photography… Everything!!! 😍😍😍😍😍


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