Amsterdam: Everything I Got Up To

Hi lovelies, Amsterdam has been on my list of places to visit for a bit now and I finally had the opportunity to a few weeks ago. I didn’t get to do half the things I had on my list (which was mostly restaurants) but i thought i’d share everything I got up to with you. Thankfully, Amsterdam is really chill and that’s totally my vibe. I love to sightsee but when it becomes tedious.. I get proper stressed. Amsterdam was just the right balance of everything.


Where I stayed

I stayed in 2 fabulous hotels, both very different. The first hotel was the amazing Pulitzer Amsterdam. Popular for its stunning interior and artsy, boutique features, this hotel is located bang in the middle of town in an area called Prinsengracht. I had the most beautiful suite overlooking the canal featuring rustic elements and lovely yellow accents. I can’t put into words (or photos) how stunning this hotel was, it was literally a maze of awesomeness. Every turn offered something exciting from marble features to picturesque hallways and numerous paintings.

There are 3 restaurants and bars in the hotel. We had breakfast at Jansz which is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

The second hotel I stayed at was just out of the centre of Amsterdam (10 mins from Amsterdam Central station via the Metro) called the QO Amsterdam. I won’t talk too much about this one because my next blog post is dedicated to my amazing experience at the hotel so keep an eye out for the post.


Ann Frank’s House

Ah, I never thought I’d enjoy something like this. I love museums and galleries but never actually take the time out to read or listen to the stories behind the displays. If you know about Ann Frank, you can imagine it was very emotional being where she and her family hid during the war. We had access to her bedroom, diaries, unpublished books etc. The entire tour lasted about an hour and cost 10 euros each.

Tip: 70% of the tickets are sold online in advance and 30% are reserved for the actual day. Tickets are also only available online.

Canal Ride Around Amsterdam

This was hands down my favourite part of my time in the ‘Dam. Words cannot explain how stunning the views were and the overall feel of the ride. It was so relaxing, the weather was perfect, everything was perfect. The general cost of renting a boat for an hour is around 200-240 euros. This is irrespective of how many people are sharing (up to 12 people usually) so if you’re looking to do this with a group of friends, even better. We had the loveliest driver from Private Canal Rides (Google them to book yours!). He picked us up at the Pulitzer hotel, took us around Amsterdam Central and the old town and then brought us back to the hotel.

Food, Food and More Food!

Yessss.. My favourite thing in the world – eating! As I mentioned before, I didn’t go to half the places I actually wanted to but I can tell you this much, I ate to my heart’s content. Shame, I didn’t get to try the freakshakes or waffles Amsterdam is popularly known for though.


Other things we got up to include the flower markets and red light district. Not much to say on these, go see for yourself! Lol


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  1. September 18, 2018 / 8:29 am

    Can’t wait to be able to start traveling, life is moving so fast! The photo with the spaghetti is my fave, you look genuinely food-happy LOL.

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