A Beginner’s Guide to Ski Trips

Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Ski Trip

Hello my darlings, yes.. I’m back again so soon! Could it be the 2020 energy? We’ll just have to wait and see lol. I went on a press trip in the first week of Jan with Trentino tourism and it was the most amazing experience ever.

Trentino is located in Northern Italy and is quite famous for skiing, snowboarding and mountain sports in general. I’ve always wanted to go skiing and of course when the opportunity came, I literally jumped at it. I spent 5 days in gorgeous Trentino, living the fabulous chalet life and eating 4-course meals with cheese, ham, wine and more cheese.. how bougee! It was an absolute dream.

Now I wish there was a post like this prior to me going on this trip to give me all the tea on ski trips, a packing list etc. I’ve also had so many people messaging me on instagram and asking me a lot about ski trips so I thought this post was mandatory.

Where I stayed

I stayed in a gorgeous Chalet called Hotel Chalet Del Brenta. The staff were SO SO lovely honestly I cannot explain! They always went out of their way to help which was much appreciated especially on a night where I was seriously homesick and needed some spicy food. Northern Italy is very different from the general perception of Italy – Pasta after pasta. I was desperate for a bolognese and they made one specially for me and it hit all the right spots.

My room was lovely with a balcony and an amazing view. I had a bath which I took advantage of daily because I was absolutely aching all over from skiing lol! The bed was also very comfortable and I slept so well every night.

Where I ate

Food was in excess in Trentino! Buffet breakfasts (cakes, breads, pastries and fruits mainly) and 4-course lunches and dinners daily landed me in a food coma by bed time haha.

Hotel Chalet Del Brenta

After arriving at the hotel, we popped into the restaurant for dinner and although I wasn’t a big fan of the first few courses, the dessert was delicious! And it had popping candy as well which took me back about 20 years lol.

Rifugio Boch

I had my favourite pasta here and although I’m not big on steaks, the steak was really tender and tasty. There was also a live band outside, very very nice (watch my Instagram highlights for more).

Home Stube

This restaurant was really close to my hotel, such a gorgeous and cosy place. The meals were beautifully presented and tasted really good. The highlight? The candy floss head!

Rifugio Patascoss

This was a cute restaurant with a lovely view, perfect for a break from the slopes and serving THE BEST dessert I had in Trentino.

Chalet Fiat

We went in a cable car at 7:30pm all the way up to the restaurant and were welcomed with a red carpet, candles and such a fab display. The cable car service and restaurant were open for us exclusively that night- apparently the restaurant is open twice a week for dinner. Although I couldn’t get photos as it was really dark, this restaurant had the best view of the mountains- absolutely breathtaking.

Common Misconceptions About Ski Trips

Weather: I literally bought all the thermals, fleeces, gloves, boots, jumpers etc. I could find but I have to say on the slopes, it wasn’t even that cold. I’m back in London now and it definitely feels way colder here (9 degrees celsius) than it was in Trentino. Because you’re so high up in the mountains, you’re obviously ‘closer to the sun’ and it feels quite warm and its amazing! Lol however, when the sun goes down, its definitely cold.

Ski Gear: You don’t have to buy the actual skis, poles, helmets and boots. These can all be rented at the shops. However, you do need to buy your own ski outfit, socks, gloves and goggles.

Skiing is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy: Errr no! First things first, the boots and skis are so heavy, I literally had no clue! I didn’t realise how much i’d have to carry/wear but by the time its all on, its fine. Learning to ski was definitely one of the funniest experiences for me, I completely fumbled- as I do with every other sport lol but I had the best instructor, Lisa, who refused to give up on me. It took about 3-4 rounds and a pretty big tumble for me to get the hang of the movements and I was fine. I will say though, my calves were sore for about a week so if you’re not a gym regular- expect to feel the burn!

Snacks and Supplies: In my opinion, supermarkets weren’t literally in every corner (I never saw one until I was leaving) and nonetheless, you would be in a different country so i would suggest packing some snacks for in between meals – biscuits, crisps, chocolate, noodles, energy/protein bars, enough toiletries for your stay and all the possible medical needs – painkillers, cold and flu meds etc.

Ski Trips are all about Skiing: If you’re not the sporty kind, theres PLENTY for you to do! I would honestly recommend skiing even if its just once but if you’re not about that life, theres a few other activities you can get involved in and I got to do some of them out in Trentino! We went to the most fabulous Spa Hotel called LeFay Resorts and OMG.. Talk about an outdoor pool of dreams! I had such an amazing time soaking in the views and enjoying a warm swim. Other activities include snowboarding, paragliding, horse riding, dog sledding, cooking classes, hiking and of course wining and dining!

Ski Trip Packing List

  1. A super warm outdoor coat (with a hood)
  2. Fleece lined leggings
  3. Thermal tops and fleeces
  4. Thermal/Ski socks
  5. Balaclava/light snood
  6. Outdoor gloves or mitts
  7. Ski suit or trousers
  8. Beanies, fur headbands, headwarmers
  9. Snow boots (Would highly recommend Moon Boots)
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Sunscreen (High SPF)
  12. Bumbag/Backpack
  13. Water bottle
  14. Hiking boots
  15. Swimwear
  16. Warm clothes- Scarves, jumpers etc.
  17. Snacks
  18. Toiletries
  19. Painkillers- Ibruprofen gel, Paracetamol, heat pads
  20. Cough and cold remedies/meds- Lemsip, Day and Night Nurse, Covonia/Benylin

I hope you found this post really helpful if you’ve always been curious about ski trips and want to go on one and if not, I hope I’ve been able to convince you that you do need to go on one haha! A massive thank you to the Trentino and Traverse team for making this happen. I had a fabulous time x

Feel free to shoot me any questions guys!


Let me know what you think! x