Lifestyle Journal

Wednesday in Edinburgh 

August 27, 2015


Fun day in Edinburgh with my girls last Wednesday! We went on a Colombian ship and the military tattoo came over to perform. After, we went shopping on princes street which was amazing of course. It was a lovely day altogether! 



Sunny Saturday 

May 30, 2015

 Hey guys, so everytime I say I’ll update this section more often, turns out I go off for like another 3 months lol. Apologies! Just figured I could do this on my phone quite easily and so hopefully I’d be more consistent. It was quite a sunny day in Gala today and I went off to have lunch with my friends at Wetherspoons. They have a new menu and I decided to try the burrito and chili con carne which was actually quite nice. Now I’m super full and having a good rest, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend 



Literature Review

April 04, 2015


I know I’ve completely neglected this section of my blog, but its mainly because I’ve been so busy with Uni work. Tonight, I’m doing some research for my literature review and I’m reading a book called Less is More; Minimalism in Fashion by Harriet Walker. Incase you didn’t know, my dissertation is on fashion, architecture and minimalism. This book is basically talking about the evolution of minimalism and concepts behind the term. From Miyake to Chanel, its talking about how many famous designers started out and their contribution to minimalism. Super interesting read!



Christmas Lunch at Abbotsford

December 09, 2014


Earlier today, I had a much needed lovely lunch with my classmates after one of our major presentations. It was lovely to unwind a little after so much stress and tension(course work, deadlines etc.) We went to a restaurant in Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott(Scottish Borders) called Ochiltrees Dining. Lovely service and environment, I had a great time. It is amazing how much cultural heritage the Borders hold, there is just so much history. After lunch, we had cakes and tea, I had a Victorian sponge which just sealed the deal. Back to work now!







Weekend in Newcastle

December 02, 2014


Last weekend I had a mini reunion with my London mates in Newcastle for a birthday party. Even though I was able to stay for just a night due to my overly busy schedule, it was amazingly refreshing. I had never been to Newcastle  prior to this and was super chuffed to at least be in England! Lol. I do not really like to walk and explore, but of course my girls forced me to(as usual) and to be honest I enjoyed every bit of it! Newcastle is absolutely gorgeous, like Edinburgh meets London Liverpool Street sort of. I was in awe and could not stop taking photos of stunning buildings around(the Architect in me) and the bridges and lights. I am definitely revisiting soon!

Photo: Gateshead Millenium Bridge

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  1. triple3style says:

    I really like your blog, it has this girl next door vibe, very interesting and refreshing.πŸ˜ƒ


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